Nipponia will be participating in the Intermot 2018 international motorcycle exhibition where a new range of models will be introduced.  The international exhibition takes place in Cologne and is expecting more than 220,000 visitors (including 59,000 trade visitors).

Nipponia is dynamically penetrating the world markets. Currently present on 4 continents, expansion into the Central America markets is due to begin this autumn.

Nipponia is entering the electric bike market. A new range of electric bikes will be introduced at Intermot 2018 in Cologne. Economy and innovative design is what to expect, with Nipponia guaranteeing the quality.

Nipponia will present a completely new range of small motorcycles and scooters at the Intermot 2018 exhibition in Cologne next month. All the new models are in line with the latest European market trends and will offer trustworthy, reliable and affordable alternatives on the mid-range segment.

The destination of the annual Nipponia trip for the dealers of the Dominican Republic this year was Greece. The trip took place in late May and our Dominican clients had the opportunity to take in the many sites that Greece has to offer in an activity-filled week.

Athens, Sounio, Santorini, Epidavros, Mycenae and Nafplion were some of many places that were included in the itinerary.

This year’s trip was special since Nipponia, being a Greek company, was able to provide a first-hand experience of all that is Greek: hospitality, food and delightful destinations.




Nipponia is proud to announce the participation in the upcoming Intermot 2018 exhibition in Cologne with an exciting new range of models.

Stay tuned for further updates…

The presentation of the Nipponia new models for the dealers took place in Santo Domingo in March.

Everyone was present. From left to right:

1. Sr. Julio Cesar de la Cruz - Deninsa Internacional 2. Sr. Frederic Alvarado (son) - P&P Comercial Srl 3. Srl Freddy Alvarado - P&P Comercial Srl 4. Sra Carmen Lugo - Importadora E.&C. Srl 5. Sra Kenia Gonsález abogada de bufete del Dr.Sánchez 6. Sr. William Castillo - Inversiones Mayía Srl 7. Sr. Eduardo Jimenez Cedano - Cedano Motors Srl

We thank everyone for being there!



Our congratulations to the La Romana Brio Riders on the occasion of the first anniversary since their establishment as a group.

Their presence contributes greatly to spreading the reputation of Nipponia products in the Dominican Rep. We have their backs!


The Nipponia annual bonus trip for Dominican dealers has just been concluded with great success.

This year, the main dealers visited the UAE accompanied by Nipponia executives, Ms. Hara Meni and Mr. Felix Santana.

The bonus trip is carried out in recognition of the dealers’ contribution to sales in the Dominican Republic where the Nipponia brand is placed among the market leaders.



The Dominican Enviromental Police has received, via the Nipponia dealer Deninsa Internacional SRL (in Santo Domingo Este), a number of Nipponia TN200 models.

Nipponia’s reputation for reliability and quality is fully reflected through this role.


It is an honour for Nipponia to be part of the Dominican Enviromental Police

Nipponia’s French partner, ECCITY Motocycles, wins the tender launched by SIPPEREC 

(Syndicat intercommunal de la périphérie de Paris pour les énergies et les réseaux de communication - Inter-municipal syndicate of the Parisian suburbs for energy and communication networks).

Further to its success with the City of PARIS, which - in 2016 - selected the Artelec 670 as the 125cc category electric scooter,  

ECCITY Motocycles has won the tender launched by SIPPEREC with its 50cc category Artelec 470.

This extendable 2-year contract, with an estimated quantity of 200 electric scooters, was won by the Artelec 470.  

It represents a deserved recognition from this organization, which incorporates approximately 600 public institutions and authorities in the Ile-de-France region. 


Photo ©Wilfrid Gremillet – SIPPEREC

The French Minister of the Environment has introduced the new government subsidies to be granted to electromobility: 

the electric two-wheeler grant, and the conversion grant for light electric commercial vehicles.

The first of the beneficiaries of these subsidies were present, and it is the electric scooter Artelec 

- developed by the French manufacturer Eccity Motocycles in cooperation with Nipponia – that heads the electric two-wheeler list that are subsidized by the State.

The minister emphasized the conditions for the grant, which does not apply to two-wheelers with a lead–acid battery.

Our Nipponia dealer in Higuey, Inversiones Mayia Srl, has announced the formation of the “Nipponia Brio Higueyano” club.

A huge town-wide event on Dec.11 will bring together all Nipponia Brio owners and mark the establishment of the club.

All Higueyanos should be there!!

Earlier this year, Nipponia presented various new models in the motorcycle and scooter range in the Dominican Republic, an event covered by a local tv channel.

Nipponia’s Felix Santana headed the presentation of the new models to all the major distributors of the country.

Many of these new models are already in circulation on the roads.

The first motorbike club comprised exclusively of Nipponia Brios has been formed in the town of La Romana in the Dominican Republic.

The “La Romana Brio Riders” organize frequent trips all around the country. Their official debut event was held on Sept. 23rd in La Romana.

The Brio Riders have been acknowledged and supported by Nipponia and also by the La Romana distributor P & P Comercial.


Learn more about the La Romana Brio Riders on their blogspot:


Sean McKeon, an owner of a Nipponia Brio 125, purchased from Nipponia dealer CBS Whitton in Twickenham, England covered a distance of over 3,000 km in two weeks on his trustworthy Nipponia cub.

Starting from London and travelling North, Sean reached Fort William in the Scottish Highlands before turning around and heading Southwest and ending up in his hometown of Dublin in Ireland.

As Sean said himself, “this is an incredible testament to the Nipponia brand and the bike itself” to have covered such a distance in such a short time “without having a single problem (apart from a flat tyre)”. Sean also said that he actually weighs more than the bike himself and during his trip he also carried a heavy bag on his back.

His route was as follows:

London – Birmingham – Leeds – Newcastle – Edinburgh – Fort William – Glasgow – Cairnryan – Belfast – Dublin